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Step-By-Step Instructions For Writing A Nursing Profile Essay

What inspires people to do the things that they do? Nurses are a special breed. Most nurses would agree that they usually enter the medical industry for very specific and meaningful reasons. When writing a nursing profile essay, it is important to capture the elements of why a nurse entered into her particular career. So here's a step-by-step instructions will help you provide a rich and detailed account for the profile of the nurse you choose to write about.

Whether the nurse is a critical care, neo-natal, or recovery nurse, each nurse has a story. Why did they choose to go into the area of nursing that they did? This tells the story of the nurse. It is a biographical tale of what brought the nurse to the place they are today.

The first step in completing this task is to research the nurse that you will write the profile about. You may want to focus on the following questions:

  • How long has the person been nursing?
  • What’s the person’s earliest memory about wanting to be a nurse?
  • What was the pivotal moment in the person’s life that made them decide to be a nurse?
  • How did they choose the focus area in nursing that they chose?

The next step after gathering information on the person is to develop an outline to tell the story. Your outline might include:

  • background on the nursing focus area and why some nurses choose that area
  • the nurse’s specific pivotal moment when they chose to become a nurse
  • the history of the nurse (how long in the profession, types of care facilities, specialty)
  • conclusion

Once you have developed an outline, you can start filling in the blanks by developing the profile of the nurse. A profile is a story-based description of the nurse. The purpose of the profile is for others to understand the background and expertise of the nurse. In this form, the nursing profile is expanded from a something that appears more of a job description to a biographical story of one person’s connection to their profession.

Each step of the nursing profile essay builds upon the next. From data collection and research to outlining and writing, each section expands on the next until a complete story is told about the professional nurse.

The final step is to check it not only for punctuation and grammatical errors, but to make sure that all of the nurse’s professional organizations, certifications, or degrees are spelled or notated correctly. With this final step, you will have completed your task with finesse.

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