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Compare and contrast essay

It is an essay in which you compare and contrast the similarities and differences of a subject. When writing it, start by making a framework that will guide you in writing the essay. A framework is a rough draft of points to use. Note down the points you will use both the similarities and differences. You will use them to write your essay. From the framework, then you have to consider the length of the essay. Check the number of words needed to know how many paragraphs your essay will have. The length of the essay will determine the number of paragraphs you should have. It will also help in structuring your essay the introduction body and conclusion. Compare and contrast essays can have up to seven paragraphs. It because it tackles a wide area of similarities and then differences. From this, then a conclusion with the writers stand. Your stand will rely on the information collected. Structuring helps the paper to have a good flow. Then check your target audience. It will aid choose the level of language to use. It will also depict the tone and voice to use. 

The introduction

It should spice readers to continue reading your essay. Depending on the type of style you wish to use, it should catch the attention of the readers. You may use a question then give back the answer later in the essay. Explain here what you are going to compare and contrast. It should come out clean in the introduction part. Be more creative in opening your hook up sentence. It should be in a way that will make sense to the readers. The introduction part also should highlight what will happen in each paragraph. Mention all the activities that will take in the paragraphs an in the order in which they will come. 


Start the body by talking about the two subjects, one after the other. Don’t compare and contrast but rather take about them. From this, then move ahead to check the framework you had for guidance in writing. At this point, the framework becomes important. It will guide you to have a flow of points to talk about. On that framework, check for the differences and the similarities. In most scenarios, the differences supersede the similarities. Do deep research to have similarities with you. When expounding on the points, ensure you use facts that are not very common. 


Your conclusion should summarize your points in the entire essay. It should seal all the loopholes left during the composition of the body. The summary should only be for the content shared in the body. It also gives you your conclusion on the subject matter. Draw your argumentation from the content shared.

In summary, when writing a compare and contrast essay, a sketch or framework is very important. The framework ensures you have the points in place. It will enable your essay to have a flow making it easy for readers to follow up to the end. Remember, an introduction can either connect or disconnect the reader from the essay. Make sure it is attractive and use suitable language skills to trap their attention. Know your audience level. It will allow you to have a better choice of words that will suit your readers’ level. You need to remember that it is a compare and contrast essay. Go deep into research to get the similarities. Differences are always in plenty. Last, spend your time in getting information to write about. Practice these steps to have a superb essay.

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