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The Power Of Hope In One's Life

Many people endure a series of ups and downs throughout the course of their life. This is a normal part of existence, one which can take quite a toll on individuals. Hope is a powerful tool in the life of anyone, and with it, nearly anything is possible.

In medicine, there have been many documented cases of interesting medical occasions. Many patients on their deathbed will remain clinging to life until the last of their loved ones has said their goodbyes. In these cases, it seems that the hope of seeing or speaking to loved ones one final time is enough to literally keep the body alive. Other cases have shown that those without any hope can literally suffer physical trauma from an emotional disturbance. Takotsubo cardiomyopathy is a condition referred to as “broken heart syndrome”. When an individual experiences a serious emotional traumatic event, and they are deprived of hope, it can literally damage the heart muscle and cause heart failure. This type of condition is one which exhibits what can happen when hope is removed, thus demonstrating the power it offers when it is there.

Hope can mean different things to different people, in all types of situations. For some, hope is tied to their religion. In this situation, hope remains that their deity will provide answers, a better tomorrow, or a solution. In these cases, individuals may hold on to hope that no matter what bad is happening around them, there is good to be found somewhere. Others associate the concept of hope with more of spirituality. They hold on to hope in something like the natural good in people or the love of a parent.

Hope in any form it takes can literally uplift an individual in body, mind, and soul. Hope can release positive chemicals in the body which eat away at stress and bring about peace of mind. Hope can help people see a silver lining in an otherwise difficult situation which can instead bring another form of peacefulness. When the brain cannot neurologically make sense of tragic or horrible situations, it seems to error out. The brain needs to be able to process information, but with cases of death or destruction, natural disaster, or loss, there may not be a simple solution or a means by which to process information. In these cases, hope serves as the solution or answer, and can help people to process information and accept their environment.

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