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Practical Advice On How To Write An Essay For University

It is essential to show the sources for your material when writing. In other words, if what you write is not your original work, then, you have to acknowledge your sources. Keep in mind that when you present a material that does not come with an acknowledgment then this means to say that it actually represents your own ideas and work. Needless to say, the reason why it is important to cite references is to avoid plagiarism. Of course copied works are not accepted. Plagiarized compositions will surely get zero grades.

Writing an essay for university may be a challenging task for most students. If a student irresponsibly forgets to indicate the references or quotation marks to demonstrate whose ideas or terms he or she is using, then, the student is plagiarizing unwittingly. Please be guided that whether it’s unintentional or intentional, plagiarism is considered as a very serious violation in scholarship. This conveys how significant it is to acknowledge sources through using them fairly and precisely and also when needed.

When writing an essay for university, it is valuable to use data from 3 various forms of sources which include common knowledge (this pertains to the basic data which people share), the student’s independent experiences as well as his or her thoughts and the last one is others’ experiences and thoughts. Take note that among these, the last one must be acknowledged.

In addition to this, when composing a research scholarly thesis, it is imperative to present the ideas of other people either through paraphrasing, summary or a direct quotation. This will of course hinged on the purpose that you have. See to it to copy the material from the source discreetly.

Meanwhile, when you do a recap or paraphrase, you must remember to state in your very own sentence structures and own words the meaning of others’ composition. Here, you do not need to use quotation marks because the sentence structures and words are yours but you still need to acknowledge the idea of the original author. It is very critical for you not to just use your own form of expression when paraphrasing; you also need to represent the original author’s meaning without altering it.

To come up with an A+ work, students must bear in mind that it is beneficial to start writing early so this means that you should avoid procrastination. It is also advised to keep your composition’s overall objective as well as organization in mind. If it is necessary, do some revisions extensively. And, finally, do not forget to proofread your final copy.

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