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Classical Argumentative Essay Topics

Writing an argumentative essay is one of the best ways students can about new subject matters. It requires you to choose a topic, take a stance on it, and then defend it with facts and examples. It also requires in-depth research, which makes it an excellent platform to learn new things.

Choosing the right topic for your essay is always important. When doing that, make sure the theme matches the subject you are writing about. So, in this piece, we decided to help you with how to choose a topic and complemented it with examples of argumentative essay topics.

How to select a Topic for an Argumentative Essay

As mentioned above, a topic can make or unmake your essay. Most people decide to read on/more just based on the theme of a write-up. Therefore, a so-called lousy piece may get lots of readers because of its catchy topic. Meanwhile, a good essay with poorly thought through topic may end up on a shelve. To avoid this, you should try to be unique. If everyone is writing about Governments’ policies on Covid-19, choose something different. Also, choose something you can easily research on and make sure it is a topical issue. You can follow the below criteria in selecting a topic.

  • It should be something you are interested in.
  • Something you have enough information about or abreast with.
  • A controversial topic sells easily so choose one

List of Argumentative Essay Topics

 Argumentative Essay Topics for College

  1. Is the current taxation system fair to the working class?
  2. Do men earn more than women in the corporate world?
  3. Should we continue to study Shakespeare as part of the college curriculum?
  4. Is college education too expensive for low-income earners?
  5. Parents should be allowed to spank their children

Argumentative Essay Topics for High School

  • Is homeschooling practical than classroom studies?
  • Should GMO’s be legalized?
  • Why fast food is a threat to our health
  • People feel comfortable using social media for communicating rather than face-to-face.
  • Should kids younger than 18 be allowed to get a tattoo
  • Does the current educational system prepare students for the job market?
  • Is there life after death?

Argumentative Essay Topics for Middle School

  • At what age should children start schooling?
  • The best must genre for studying
  • Making friend online, the pros and cons
  • Energy conversation; is renewable energy the way to go?
  • Boys and girls, who come under social pressure early?
  • Are dreams symbolic, and foretell future happenings?
  • Is meat-eating ethical?

 Controversial Argumentative Essay Topics

  • Should all states in the United States legalize same-sex marriages?
  • Is the current trend of feminism hurting the girl child?
  • Do you think hunting should be banned?
  • Should abortion be a matter of choice?

Dating at the workplace should be discouraged for these reasons

Sports Argumentative Essay Topics

  • Are athletes earning too much?
  • Why Lionel Messi is better than Cristiano Ronaldo
  • Should betting be outlawed from sports?
  • Should college athletes earn salaries?

Argumentative Essay Topics Animals

  • Trophy hunting should be criminalized
  • Should animals be used for research in the lab?
  • Why animals should be in their natural environments
  • People should serve prison terms for animal cruelty

Argumentative Essay Topics Education

  • Should parents help with homework?
  • University students should wear uniforms
  • Should schools teach sex education?
  • A student must learn a foreign language
  • More girls should learn STEM

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